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Welcome to Digital Billboards:Digital Signage Solutions

Put simply, digital signage is the display of electronic images (photo and video) to promote your products and services.
Digital Signage acts as a silent salesman and enables you to draw attention to your product and give customers a quick overview of what you have on offer at any given time.
Digital signage is dynamic and attention grabbing.  There is no better way to promote your products and services and attract more customers - you can use it in your store on the counter, in your window display, showroom or office.
Electronic advertising is a much more cost effective method than traditional posters or signage since it eliminates the cost of replacing printed material on a continual basis.
Furthermore, purpose built digital signage units are more aesthetically pleasing than regular TV monitors as they tend to replicate the look of traditional posters or frames and blend more naturally into the environment or designated area.
Most businesses regard digital signage as expensive and complex vehicles to communicate with customers and hence refrain from using digital signage solutions.
So if you think you can't afford digital signage-think again!
Because our aim is to provide a simple and cost effective digital signage solution offer for anyone who has a message to get across, no matter how small or large your business or working environment is.

In the current tough retail climate, businesses, particularly SME's, need every means possible to draw attention to their offer and be able to compete with the big boys with their big advertising budgets.
At digital we can offer high quality, inexpensive digital signage units to communicate with your customers in a timely, effective and most importantly, low cost manner.
Currently, we have large 15 inch and 20 inch digital frames plus a new 19 inch commercial grade media player with built in programming software and a massive 8 GB built in memory card.
These screens can be used in a variety of markets or spaces to display dynamic messages, advertise products, engage customers and provide important messages pertinent to your business.

As well, you may also be able to sell this space to your key suppliers and business partners to advertise their product, thereby allowing you to help fund the purchase price of your digital signage equipment.
Our sales philosophy is quite simple: we source product directly from manufacturers hence we can pass the savings to you, the consumer thus making digital signage affordable at last.
New, larger screens will be added to the range shortly.

We also only buy from reputable proven manufacturers and all our products come with a full 12 month warranty.